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Some members of the Yeshivah Shul may have received the letter announcing elections. If not, here it is. This is not a Purim joke, although in reading it you might think so.

Members have been agitating for some sort of involvement in the shul for over twenty years, and this is what they get? It’s like throwing piece of rotten meat to a starving dog. The CoM are just looking for a bunch of shleppers to run the shul on the pretense that they are actually in control of something, when in fact, they control nothing at all. It’s a shadow play, like “student government”, but everyone knows that that is a pretend government to give students an idea of how real government works; nobody thinks the students have any significant role in the school’s governance. Here we are given much the same thing, a sort of Potemkin committee, and told that it’s substantive reform.

The “focus groups” and community survey showed a high degree of distrust, apathy and dissatisfaction when it comes to the shul. If the CoM thinks that this lame pretense of governance will be accepted as the beginning of positive change at the shul, they should try their luck at selling the Brooklyn Westgate Bridge!

What do you think?

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