Settlement in the CBD

Posted on 1 April, 2011 by

After six weeks of shuttle diplomacy, Rabbi Reisenberg has reached a breakthrough in the Chabad of CBD controversy, and a settlement with Chaim Herzog. The terms of the settlement are as follows:

  • Chaim will continue to be a named shliach in the Melbourne CBD
  • He will come to Melbourne to run two functions per year: Chanukah at Parliament and Sukkah in the city square
  • All other Chabad of CBD duties will be carried out by a young Melbourne Shliach and his wife, who will be moving to live in the CBD
  • The Shliach is being funded by Henry and will have full authority to operate in the CBD, and will work with other organizations, including JBD
  • Henry Herzog and his family are moving to California

After many years of bitter controversy, there is now hope that everyone will be able to work together. Reisenberg was very pleased with the outcome: “All Rabbis and communal leaders were demanding that Chaim Herzog be removed from his position, but Henry adamantly refused, so we had to negotiate”. Rabbi CT Groner also welcomed the development: “I told Chaim countless times … Just one more incident and then you will really be in trouble … I’m very pleased that he’s finally listened”

Reisenberg was especially happy that the pizza shops and fire brigade could now focus fully on their regular activities.

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