Birds of a feather flock together

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Melbourne may be one step closer to some kind of resolution in the ongoing Chaim Herzog saga. Chaim has officially stepped down as Rabbi of The Shul, which is a minyan he ran in Wilks St. The minyan was only on Friday nights, and most of the people there were paid to be there. No one ever understood how The Shul in Caulfield could be a branch of Chabad of CBD, or how Herzogs shlichus in the city also included anywhere else where he wanted to open up. Least of all Menachem Stern who is an official shliach in North Caulfield and has been stalked and harassed by Herzog for a few years. He will be very happy.

The new Rabbi of The Shul is Mordy Gutnick, who is back from living in New York where he was allegedly raising money for Yossels public companies. At the same time, Hamayan no longer have a permit for their house on Kooyong Rd so they are sharing Wilks St. This means that no-one needs to pay people to come there any more.

This looks more like a sweet deal between Yossel Gutnick and Henry Herzog. Herzog sacrifices Caulfield to Yossel’s son Mordy in exchange for protection in the CBD, and helps Mordy find a hideout in a quiet shul off the beaten path while the “problems” with his mission in US calm down.

Henry has once again saved Yossel’s skin, so this will be another one to add to his files. Thank goodness Henry is there to protect the good Gutnick name. Yossel will be forever grateful (or else)

What does all this say about head shliach Yossel Gutnick? Nothing people don’t know already. He probably only bought his head shlichus in the first place so he could make sure he could look after his kids.

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