This is Daas Torah?

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The Yeshivah College sex abuse scandal is going from bad to worse. Today The Australian newspaper had a front page story about it. The Age have also been speaking to people in the community and will be publishing another story soon. The Rabbonim and leaders seem to have no idea how to deal with this.

After the story in The Age, police have said a large number of victims have come forward to report their own cases of abuse. Also, the team investigating has expanded from 1 to 4 officers. Can anyone in their right mind argue that Manny Waks has done a bad thing by going public?

Lots of people have been heaping abuse on Waks and his family in the blogs. Zephania Waks has e-mailed around his correspondence with the Yeshivah CoM about this and demanded that someone speaks out and tells people to stop doing this. There is lots of Waks in the e-mails and almost nothing from the CoM. Do they think they can ignore him and he will just go away? Bruce Cooke has called for the people at Yeshivah who were involved then and are still there to resign. Does he think they are accountable like in a democracy?

What’s more, Rabbi Telsners drosho today talked about Pinchos asking Moshe Rabbeinu before attacking Zimri. He said that Rabbonim and Daas Torah must always be consulted and they should do a proper chakirah, and that people should never go to newspapers because they are not our friends and will sensationalize these stories. Given Rabbi Telsners previous experience in dealing with these issues in Adass, would any victim ask for his guidance? This is the same Daas Torah who signs letters against shluchim in Melbourne and the Gold Coast without the least chakirah into the facts.

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