Cover up? What cover up?

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For some reason, the discussion of the sex abuse arrests took place on our contact page. The purpose of this story is to put up all the coverage in the newspapers about it, and to have a better place to continue the discussion so people can find it.

6 September 2011
Jewish News – charges laid
The Age – man in court over sex assaults
The Australian – Jewish group protected sex offender

7 September 2011
The Australian – Yeshiva turned blind eye

8 September 2011
The Age – sex suspect protected
Jewish News – man arrested over abuse

At Cyprys’s bail hearing last week, the police prosecutor claimed that he was protected by “high standing members of the Jewish community”. We don’t know yet if this means senior people at Yeshivah or others in the community (or both). This may come out in the future.

Yeshivah have always said that Cyprys was not an employee. That is true – he was a contractor. There is a difference in the level they have to look into an employee compared to a contractor. But really this is a poor excuse for allowing him to continue to work at the school. They are just splitting hairs.

Yeshivah have always said they are co-operating fully with the police in the investigation. Plenty of people scoff at this. How many people at Yeshivah now (staff or Rabbis or Committee of Management) were there during the time of the offences? A handful. All statements have come from the headmaster Rabbi Smukler, who has been on the job for less than two years.

There is a second case that is being investigated by the police, which does not relate to a Yeshivah teacher, and an arrest is expected soon. In that case there are also suggestions that the case was not reported by his employer.

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