So long, and thanks for all the fish

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This blog has been running for about a year. It was started by a group of people who were very unhappy about the “leaders and Rabbis” of the community. We wanted to make public some examples of their awful and useless leadership, and we did. These are things that people in shul have been talking about, and we put up a web site where people could talk about them more and say what they feel. It has brought out good from some people and sadly not good from others, however it certainly was an excellent vehicle to expose what people really believed. The only way in Lubavitch to bring attitudes to the surface is unfortunately via anonymous blogs as no other apparatus exists to get people to say what they think.

We wrote things that are sadly all true. The way the Rabbis have dealt with community issues such as the bizarre antics of the Herzogs and Chabad of the CBD, the Yeshivah Shul, the disputes between shluchim in the Gold Coast, and the sex abuse scandals have been pathetic and disgraceful. The Vaad Ruchni, allegedly setup by Rabbi Groner a’h before his passing, has done nothing meaningful and has the respect of no-one. Chabad in Melbourne has become a laughing stock because of all these public scandals.

Many people have talked about this blog and we had over 1500 comments from a huge cross section of both our community and the general Jewish community at large. Many of the discussions became unpleasant. We don’t know if it has helped where it counts – that the so called leaders should listen and change their ways.

We’ve done our bit, so that’s it. We are going our separate ways and spending more time with our families and won’t be posting any more on this blog. It’s served it’s purpose. There are plenty of other blogs and probably new ones which will pop up. Maybe now is the time for people to talk to their Rabbis and complain, perhaps vote with their feet better still, boycott events in the event no perceived changes are forthcoming. Bottom line, people get what they deserve, and if no one is prepared to make a stand, this is then what we deserve. Do we? Au revoir!

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