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The purpose of this site is to report on the lack of common sense (the fifth chelek of shulchon oruch) in our community. Unfortunately, there’s been no shortage of instances which leave people wondering … what on earth is going on?!

This is investigative reporting (not trash talk & gossip), and all the writers have agreed to a code of conduct.

If you have any general comments or would like to raise a particular issue for us to investigate, please post a comment below.

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  1. Associate of Henry

    10 October, 2011

  2. associate etc.

    check out the definition of “defamation”



    and what relevance does this have to this blog?

  3. Google can now be required to release the name and details of the person who set up the david-werdiger.blogspot.com Google ADS defaming DW. Just Google search David Werdiger at the moment and the first thing Google lists is that defamatory Google ad. If it is not removed, someone could find themself in a lot of trouble. Subtle hint, remove it.

  4. Associate of Henry

    11 October, 2011

    This blog has defamed Rabbis and the Rebbe’s shluchim. It is a disgrace to Melbourne and to the great work done by the Rebbe’s shluchim here. It is motzi shem ra and should be taken down immediately. If not, the site owners may be in hot water in court!

  5. All the stories posted on this site would have no problem with a “truth” defence against defamation. It may be unpleasant but it is all true. The real tragedy is that the Rabbonim sit back and do nothing.

  6. Joe in Australia

    11 October, 2011

    “Truth” is not always a defence to libel, and there’s not much point winning a case in court if it costs you tens of thousands of dollars to vindicate yourself.

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