Frequently Asked Questions


Who is the Fifth Chelek?
We (yes, there are a few people involved) are a group of people who are really bothered by some of the things going on in the Melbourne Chabad community, even though some of us don’t live there any more. Lubavitch was the foundation of so much yiddishkeit in Melbourne, and has become a laughing stock in recent years. What is particularly troubling is the Rabbonim and community leaders, who just don’t get it, and who seem to care more about their own interests and issues than those of the community.
The site organizers stay anonymous for obvious reasons. We get information from a variety of people and sources, and make sure we check facts so as not to just be a rumour site.

Why so much about Herzog? Are you vindictive?
It’s a very current and relevant example of the complete failure of the leaders to act. The fact is that Henry and Chaim Herzog have hurt a lot of people in the community by their actions over many years, so there seems to be no shortage of people who want their bullying to end, and who are happy to supply information.

Any connection to Aussie Echo?
None whatsoever. This is not a successor to Aussie Echo, and none of us know who that way.

We are happy to respond to any other questions through the comments section.

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